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Investing in residential and income properties changed my life for the better in so many ways, and now I’m incredibly passionate about helping others to do the same.

As cheesy as that sounds, I mean it. Buying my first home was a huge accomplishment, and I now totally understand the value of owning real estate, both financially and psychologically. That’s why I love working with buyers, especially first-time buyers. It’s exciting, and meaningful.

Hi, I’m Nicole. Born in Los Angeles and raised up in Napa where as a kid I spent hours “renovating” the basement in my mom’s house, even as a child I was keen to fix up rooms, and remained curious about how other people create special spaces. All of this sparked an interest in architecture, design, decorating…

I should mention that both my parents were real estate agents. My dad had such passion for the business; he was always working on some new deal, and very involved in all the details, including doing the actual landscaping.

Fast forward. I moved to the East Bay seven years ago and have fallen in love. The beauty, art, culture, diversity, and excitement of this area are so inspirational. I’ve gotten into backpacking in the last years and living here, almost any direction offers delight. The Trinity Alps are amazing, and the area around Yosemite is jaw-dropping – and quiet. Nothing is better than heading for the hills, doing some gorgeous exploring in nature, and then returning home a few short days later, totally refreshed. I live in Richmond and own a duplex in West Oakland. I like the nitty gritty of “real” neighborhoods, wandering around with my dog Toby. I’m constantly surprised by the people I meet, the graffiti art, the many wonderful unpolished unpretentious places.

I’m so glad to have landed at Winkler Real Estate Group as Eric’s teammate. There are so many resources available to me here, and if I need assistance of any kind, multiple people will instantly get back to me. On top of that, everyone is really nice, not to mention funny! I’m so excited to help more people find their future homes, so please give me a call and let’s get started!

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